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Who am I?

Hi folks. I’m Alex D. Bowen and I’m a professional hunting boots researcher and hunting enthusiast. You’re probably on my website in search of hunting boots that can help make your experience a lot easier and more productive.

Even if you are seeking hunting equipment that can provide you with the best comfort during a long hunt, or maybe you are gleaning useful information to understand what hunting boots are and why they are necessary for hunting. No matter which purpose you are in here is the right place for you.

Although hunting nowadays is not anymore a means of food supplies and survival, it has evolved into a renowned sport that gains a lot of participants all around the world. Hunting provides you with leisure time of wandering in the woods and also helps you develop your agility and power.

However, hunting has never been an easy-to-learn sport, especially without the necessary equipment.

My Website

HTBBrand aims to provide comprehensive buying guides and review about various best hunting boots on the market and help hunters out there make the most out of every hunting experience.

My Mission

Going from a beginner to an expert in hunting, I understand the hassles that novice hunters might experience when they took part in this sport for the first time. Finding the right hunting boots might be the most complicated problem.

With that in mind, I have poured a lot of time and effort into this blog. It is not only to satisfy my writing hobby but also to share experience and give you access support online for hunting boots.

How did I create the content?

For buying guides, I have spent a lot of time researching and gathering information. Combining with my personal experience through several years of hunting, the information I published on my website is the fullest version of the hunting guide. Also, I have checked them several times to ensure the highest and most precise quality before delivering them to you.

And for review articles, I will include my authentic experience and unbiased reviews from trusted sources to help you have an objective view of each hunting boot.

What will ​you get from my website?

On my website, I will cover two main sections: buying tips and hunting boots reviews. Thus, you will:

  • Enjoy comprehensive buying guides for the best hunting boots
  • Save time on researching
  • Avoid spending any buck on underrated boots
  • Learn some useful tips for boots maintenance

Moreover, I always want to make friends with other hunters around the world. So, it is my pleasure to be your fellow on the way to become a professional hunter.



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