Are Cowboy Boots Good For Hunting?

Wondering: Are Cowboy Boots good for hunting? Well, when it comes to hunting, footwear becomes a critical point in your hunting outfit because it can either make or break your hunting trip. As for choosing the best shoes that works for you, two important factors that all hunters should take into account are comfort and safety. The right ones allow you to move smoothly without hurting your feet. Some hunters that are new to this outdoor adventure may think that your cowboy boots will do but are they suitable?

Despite their popularity as work boots, cowboy boots are not actually designed for hunting. The soles are not very rigid, which means you may slip and slide around on wet rocks, and they don’t provide the traction that is needed for long distances. A good pair of hunting boots will serve you much better.

Here you will figure out why cowboy boots are not up-to-standard and I’ve also gathered some boots that are appropriate for hunting. Read on.

Cowboy boots are not for hunting

Cowboy boots are not for hunting

Unfortunately, you cannot wear cowboy boots while hunting. They are designed for keeping your foot anchored firmly in the stirrups when riding, not for hunting. Here are the key things that cowboy boots have to offer:

  • An angled heel to keep you foot stable in a saddle
  • A rounded, square, or pointed toe makes it a breeze to slip a foot in and out of a stirrup
  • High shaft and traditionally no lacing

Therefore, you will get these functions when you buy a pair of cowboy boots, but they are not for hunting. Being flexible is an integral characteristic that makes cowboy boots popular, however it won’t help you out when you are on a hunting trip.

The soles are not very rigid which means you may slip and slide around wet rocks and they don’t provide traction that is needed for long distances. Besides, they also offer almost no ankle support, which is very essential for providing hunters with comfort and safety.

As you can see, a good pair of cowboy boots will never be a good pair of hunting boots. So what boots should you wear while hunting?

What boots should you choose for hunting?

The quick answer is: it depends, hunters can opt for their go-to ones based on some factors such as: the materials, seasons, temperature and terrain.

Consider leather boots for the early season


Natural leather boots have a molding capability, shaping your feet over time and ensuring additional comfort, which gives you extra ankle support.

Leather boots are also durable and suited for travelling in rugged terrain. However, leather hunting boots are not very breathable so they tend to cause your feet to sweat inside. Thus, they are more suitable for cold months.

Consider synthetic boots for the late season

Some people also prefer to use synthetic shoes instead of leather. The advantages are that these shoes are lighter and have smoother soles. Also, synthetic material is more breathable, as a result, they can be used during warmer months when you don’t have to worry about mud and water getting on your feet. They are waterproof, durable, slip-resistant and they can also help you get through difficult terrain quickly and efficiently.

Choose waterproof boots for wet and snowy weather

waterproof boots

If you’re looking for a boot that can withstand harsh terrain, you should opt for one that is waterproof. There are several options, including the Cungel Men’s Camo Hiking Boots and the Irish Setter Wingshooter boots.

The Irish Setter line of boots has been popular for upland hunters for many years. They feature a waterproof leather upper and a rubber outsole. They also offer a 400g insulated model. These boots are available in a variety of sizes.

Wear boots with ridged sole for enhanced traction and lightweight boots for easy moving

Ventilated boots

Another option is to use boots with a ridged sole. This will allow you to maintain a level of balance, which is important when you are hunting. Having a ridged boot will also prevent you from slipping in the mud, helping you move long distances easily.

Moreover, your favorite footwear shouldn’t have to weigh you down. There are a lot of incredibly lightweight boots for you to choose from that don’t sacrifice durability and traction and still help you move around quickly, especially in rugged terrain.

Extra tip for choosing suitable boots

Choose a boot that fits you snugly. Try the boot on inside your house before you purchase. Note that if the boots are too big, you will be unable to keep your feet from sliding around. Also, try the boots on with hunting socks to test their comfort.


Simply put, the answer to the question: Are cowboy boots good for hunting? is a ‘no’. Technically, they have different features that are inappropriate for hunting. Instead, choosing a pair of hunting boots based on some criterions like: materials, seasons, terrains, …will help you way much better with your adventure trip.

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