Top 5 Best Pac Boots For Hunting: Best Hunting Boots in 2021

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Finding the best pac boots for hunting like a pair of snow boots or those with Thinsulate technology is a must-have in your hunting gear when you go hunting in the cold weather. Pac Boots with steel toes have been lifesavers to many hunters. So we have conducted a list of the top 5 best boots with every information you might need to choose your most favorite.

What’s the Best Pac Boot for Hunting in 2021?

Detailed reviews of Top 5 Pac Boots for Hunting in 2021

1. Kamik Nationplus Boot – Excellent For Snow Treading

Kamik Men's Nationplus Boot

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  • Size: 5 to 13
  • Shaft measurement: around 10 inches from arch
  • Platform measurement: about 1.9 inches
  • 100% leather overlays
  • Rubber sole
  • Weight: 3.4 pounds total

If you are like me, having trouble moving around deep snow, the Kamik Nationplus Boots is the product for you. From my own experience, it is the best winter pac boots for walking through snow-covered areas.

Waterproof and Snow-proof

The boots are seam-sealed, which ensures no bits of snow can get inside and reach your feet. Furthermore, its waterproof synthetic rubber shell does not absorb moisture, allowing easy walks through dense snow patches for prolonged periods without weighing on your feet.

For those struggling with sweaty feet, this item will also take care of your burden. With the moisture-wicking lining throughout the hunting boots, your feet will always stay dry for maximum comfort.

Thinsulate Insulation

Looking inside, you can find that this footwear is packed with well-known Thinsulate technology. This handy feature allows more breathing space by cutting down on insulation layers. No need to worry though, your feet should feel the same warmth as those mega-size boots.

At 200B rating, it does not add much bulk that would make you uncomfortable whilst still providing enough insulation to keep your feet cozy at up to -40°F, the temperature you would expect when sunk in the snow.

Rustproof Speed Lacing System

On my list, the Kamik snow boots are the only product to have this feature. “How does it help with snow-treading?” you are probably wondering.

It had proven to be useful countless times when I was in the middle of my walk, and suddenly, the laces fell off. With the speed lacing system in hand, I only needed a flick of a wrist, and the laces were strapped back, assuring no interruption to my stride!

Sole Designed For Treading

With its main focus on traversing through layers of snow, the hunting boots are designed with a high arch specifically for running and a rigid undersole, supporting maximum grip to the slippery frozen ground under the snow.


Unfortunately, the sole is quite thin (around 0.39 inches). While this does not have much effect on insulation, I would still recommend putting on an extra insole for extra warmth in extreme weather.

  • Seam-sealed waterproof design
  • The exclusive quick lacing system
  • Extra grippy outsole
  • Relatively thin insole

2. LaCrosse Men’s 12″ Insulated Pac Mid-Calf Rubber Waterproof Hunting Boot – Great for Durability

LaCrosse Men's 12 Insulated Pac Mid-Calf Boot

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  • Size: 5 to 15
  • Shaft measurement: around 10 inches from arch
  • Height measurement: 11.5 inches
  • 100% rubber
  • Rubber sole
  • Weight: 2 pounds total

Whether the men’s hunting boots can last through many uses or not is also an important feature. With that in mind, the LaCrosse 12” rubber boots might be the right deal for those who are looking for long-term value.

Environmental resistant

Unlike every other product on my list, LaCrosse chooses not to use leather uppers. Introducing the brand’s exclusive hand-laid ZXT Rubber, the material is proven to be one of the most durable for boot-making.

“How is it different from standard rubber?” many have asked. This quality material has extra resistance against environmental harm such as ozone rays and abrasion.

A small detail in the footwear’s design is that it has a heel instead of the standard flat sole, which reduces the contact surface to the ground for fewer puddle splashes.

Durable Build

It also has a considerably high tensile strength, which is great because you can throw these hunting boots back and forth without worrying about cracks and tears.

Furthermore, the manufacturer adds an extra layer to the toe and heel areas plus a double-layer vamp to further increase durability and feet support.

Grippy Outsole

Going to the bottom of the hunting boots, you will find a chevron cleated outsole, useful when traversing uneven terrain, especially mountainous terrain.

Thanks to its superior traction and reliable sturdiness, I can confidently run through mud and rocks with ease. Compared to the Kamik Nationplus, these boots are more suitable for moving through muddy areas.

Comfortable Insulation

Durability does not mean cutting down on comfort for these boots. Another worth-noting feature is the 9 mm wool midsole and polymeric foam insulation, improving the warmth around your feet and providing better cushioning.

If you are not used to wearing hunting boots, this product might be great as a starter. It has Ankle Fit technology as one of its features, locking your heels in place for a more snugly and secure fit.


This product has one drawback, however. The rubber construction exudes an unpleasant odor, especially to those with a sharp nose. Although, the smell fades rather quickly, only after a couple of uses.

  • Most durable thanks to the unique rubber material
  • Ozone and abrasion-resistant
  • Impervious to daily wear and tear
  • Cozy foam insulation
  • Unpleasant rubbery smell at first

3. LaCrosse Men’s Hunt Pac Extreme 10″ Waterproof 2000G Hunting Boot – Good For Insulation

LaCrosse Men's Hunt Pac

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  • Size: 8 to 14
  • Shaft measurement: around 10 inches from arch
  • Height measurement: 15.75 inches
  • 100% leather
  • Rubber sole
  • Weight: 5.7 pounds total

The Hunt Extreme is my personal favorite as the best boots for extreme cold. These hunting boots are the obvious choice for keeping your feet warm while standing still in freezing temperatures for extended periods.

Thinsulate Ultra

As the name may suggest, this beast of hunting boots comes with a whopping 2,000 grams (4.4 pounds) of insulation – the highest amount found in any product on our list.

This characteristic could be an excellent choice for those interested in ice fishing or deer hunting, as these activities require you to stay still for a very long time. Having such a bulk of insulation can ensure your feet are protected at a consistent cozy temperature.

Waterproof Fabric Lining

The brand’s own Dry-Core inner-lining technology allows moisture inside the boots to escape while still waterproofing. It’s worth mentioning that this is a very useful feature for keeping your feet dry and toasty all day long.

Many previous users noted that the lining made the washing process less time-consuming, they simply hung the shoes up and waited for them to dry in no time.

Full Leather Upper

More specifically, full-grain leather and nylon uppers not only contribute to the item’s water-resistant property but also give the footwear unparalleled breathability for use in warmer weather.

Having these hunting boots in stock had saved me lots of time on a hunting trip. They save me from the constant need to change my shoes while traveling through different climate areas.

Ice Grip Outsole

Whereas other products only work best on one type of terrain, this customized grippy outsole can provide great traction on ice and uneven ground. Do not let the name fool you! The Ice Grip outsole gets a hold of turfs and rocky mountains with reliability.

As I have mentioned, these boots are great for hunting in the forest and rocky, heavy wear areas, thanks to the reinforced material heel and toe cap for better resilience.


A minor shortcoming I found during my testing is that these hunting boots run slightly tight, so I suggest sizing up at least half a normal size for your comfort.

  • Ultra-thick 2,000 gram (4.4 pounds) insulation
  • Usable in different environments
  • Reinforced parts for more durability
  • Tight fit

4. Baffin Crossfire Hunting Boots – Extreme for Comfort

Baffin Crossfire

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  • Size: 7 to 14
  • Shaft measurement: approximately Mid-Calf from arch
  • Height measurement: 5.75 inches
  • 100% leather
  • Rubber sole
  • Weight: 4 pounds total

If you think walking in the snow is a chore, you may want to reconsider! Put on the Baffin Crossfire, and this might become your hobby! These hunting boots focus on giving you the most comfortable experience with their abundance of technology.

Baffin Inner Boots System

By combining multiple leading technologies, Baffin was able to produce a multi-layered inner cushioning. This system combines both foam and insulation material, creating the perfect hybrid of warmth distribution and comfort fit.

Featuring up to 5 layers of materials, the inner boots can surely keep the temperature toasty inside. Your feet should have complete satisfaction and relaxation.

The removable inner system is another niche detail worth mentioning. It is also machine-washable, saving you significant time in cleaning.

Unique Base Mold

The boots consist of three parts: Arctic Rubber Shell, EVA Midsole, and Polar Rubber Outsole. Rather than sticking individual parts together like standard hunting boots, the base is molded as a whole object, ensuring the perfect fit between each component.

This feature, in turn, helps form a moisture management system both inside and outside, keeping your feet at the right temperature and dryness.

The leather upper is coated with PU and nylon-laced to keep your shoes as fresh as new for long-term use.


Weighing at a measly 2.31 pounds, they are quite light-footed for boots compared to most products I’ve tried. It is also an important feature, giving you peak comfort during your activities without stutters.

Another great thing about light boots is that they have minuscule weight, so you do not have to save much space in your bag to bring these around, putting less work on your shoulders.

Stylish Design

In my opinion, these are arguably the most fashioned-looking hunting boots you may find. Designed with similar details to high-fashion shoes, the boot’s high-top style gives an impression comparable to trendy footwear.

Are you tired of changing to your indoor shoes? Wear these to a party or simply walk around your backyard and believe me, you will feel no difference!


A regrettable downside of the product is that the whole-base mold design reduces the sole’s flexibility, limiting your feet’ motions.

  • Brand exclusive technologies
  • Feather-like weight
  • Maximum comfort
  • Inflexible sole

5. Rocky Men’s Jasper Trac M Hunting Boots – Great for Hiking

Rocky Men's Jasper Trac M

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  • Size: 7 to 13
  • Shaft measurement: approximately 8 inches from arch
  • Height measurement: 10 inches
  • 100% split suede leather
  • Rubber sole
  • Weight: 5.4 pounds

Should relaxing strolls through the woods be your desire, you might want to take a look at the Men’s Jasper Trac. From what I see, they will be sufficient for your needs.

Suede boots top

First and foremost would be the 100% split suede leather overlays, giving you a feeling of softness and fuzzy to your legs. One small but impactful detail lies in the color; the darker brown fabric makes dirt and scuffs almost invisible to the eye!

Not only through looks, but the material is also very breathable and waterproof, unarguably what you may need for the perfect walk.

Adjustable Components

Secondly, the 200 g (0.44 pounds) triple-ply inner line is adjustable, so you can easily adapt to the climate accordingly. The hunting boots also come with Rocky Airport insoles for even more comfort, which is also removable to suit your liking.

Polar Trac Outsole

Made to grip tightly on the ground, the trademarked PolarTrac outsole can provide buttery smooth traction on the rockiest, most rigid turfs you may encounter.

The extra-rugged outsole also contributes to keeping the uppers of your boots from getting covered in water splashes and mud puddles when you are strolling through the scenery.

If you’re walking through grounds covered in snow, or skipping through large puddles, the rubber shell will let any liquids wash right through your shoes without leaving any stain.

Rocky Hydro IQ

In short, the Hydro IQ is a smart moisture control based on the surrounding environment! This quality is crucial for securing the boot’s waterproof property. Despite wet conditions like snow or rain, your feet should always stay dry.


The shaft measures about 8 inches from the arch for a total of 10 inches in height, which is the right height for hiking boots. Since you would be trampling into puddles of snow, these boots are high enough so splashes do not reach your feet and low enough so you can feel comfortable.


This footwear is quite heavy, though, weighing around 5.4 pounds in total, keeping it from daily use. So light walkers might want to get a more nimble alternative.

  • Fully controllable components
  • Turf-gripping outsole
  • Adaptive moisture-managing system
  • Best for hiking purpose
  • Very heavyweight
  • Value Section

What To Look For When Buying Footwear For Hunting?

The following are some points to keep in mind while choosing hunting boots for the best results.


Hunting is patience-driven and time-consuming, and having good heating is especially important when you have to stay out in extreme temperatures.

Footwear is the best heat insulation boots you can get, and they come with temperature ratings suitable for a certain hunting activity.

In harsh environments, you may want to consider products with at least 800 g (approximately 1.8 pounds) of insulation; anything below this figure (0.4 – 0.9 pounds) is only suitable for mildly cold days.


Another factor to take note of is the fit and comfort of the boots. The fact remains that you will spend days out hunting with these on your feet, and as long as your feet feel good, you’ll feel good.

Leather boots are more costly, but they are soft and comfortable to wear. Leather also lasts longer, so high-quality boots only require a slightly higher initial investment and no further expenses in reparation or repurchasing.


The materials used to make the boots themselves are commonly 100% leather or a combination of rubber and leather.

Though rare, 100% rubber shoes are available. It depends on the quality of the rubber that may determine how much moisture the footwear can absorb or how grippy the outsole is.


The outsole is what’s responsible for keeping you balanced and avoiding tripping. Consequently, the outsole of the shoe should be thick and rigid. I prefer rubber outsoles designed with specific conditions like snow, slush, mud, oil, etc.

Shaft Height

A boot’s shaft height provides more than just the look! A tall shaft is perfect for treading through thick, heavy snow and keeping your legs cozy while submerged in snow. On the other hand, Shorter boots are more flexible to your legs and easier to run and walk-in.


What is Pac boot?

Pac Boot structure

Its definition focuses mainly on the question, “Why are they called PAC boots?” It is because the insulation liner is designed after these boots – a moccasin-like soft shoe that people wear inside other shoes.

These boot liners are usually found with multiple material choices, and they all have better effects in keeping heat than a pair of socks.

How should Pac boot fit?


Pac boot fit

The boots should fit comfortably but not too snugly, leaving sufficient breathing space for your feet. The majority of them are remarkably large to provide enough protection and insulation.

You don’t want giant air gaps in the boots either. Circulation is key, it is best to avoid a tightly fit boots size, especially when you wish to layer more socks underneath.


You should take a pair that were 12-14 inches high, they would be warmer or help stay dry if crossing creeks.

Are snow boots good for winter hunting?


They are made for winter hunting. The thick inner lining keeps your feet well insulated, while the rugged outsoles ensure you have a sturdy grip of the ground while strolling through snow and ice.

Furthermore, they can withstand temperatures down to -40°F, making them the ideal footwear choice, without a doubt.

What socks should I wear with Pac boots?

Wool socks

We highly recommend socks that are designed to wear inside boots. Wool socks are a great choice to add additional coziness to your feet. The thickness of the sock should be fitting to your boots without giving up all breathing space.

For people with narrow feet, extra thick socks will do the trick. In the meantime, those with wide feet will be happy with slim socks.

How should I clean my boots?

You should not throw your footwear in a washing machine to avoid damaging its components. For leather boots, it’s highly advisable to clean with leather cleaner for the best result. Just use a soft brush and wipe lightly in a circular motion.

Rubber boots are easier to clean. Simply wipe the dirt and scuffs with a piece of cloth, then rinse with warm water and scrub again with mild soap.

What are the most popular products?

There are more and more brands devoting to creating the perfect boots for the consumers. Some were successful and became well-known globally.

  • From my experience, I would highly suggest you take a look at brands like Kamik, Sorels, Baffin, Hoffman boots, and Rocky if you are a newcomer.
  • For avid hunters, professional brands such as Hoffman, Kenetrek, and Schnee’s Pac boots will greatly enhance your hunting experience.


If you are a winter hunting challenger, your gear should include quality footwear. They can not improve your skills, but they will enhance your overall experience significantly, which is the most important for bringing fun to the activity.

After looking closely through each product, I can confidently announce that the clear winner is no other than the Kamik Men’s Nationplus Boot.

Though lacking in style, it can adapt to any situation with ease. Wear these reliable boots through your hunting trip in any situation and any environment with comfort!

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