Top 10 Best Snake Boots For Hot Weather in 2021

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Best Snake Boots For Hot Weather

The best snake boots for hot weather reviews introduced in this post are a must-read if your area is warm and you find yourself spending much time in gardens, bushes, or tall grasses. Snake boots would keep your feet and calf areas safe from a potential snake bite. Meanwhile, they are designed to be waterproof, comfortable, and breathable enough to wear for hours and at a very high temperature.

Keep reading, and you will find a list of snake-proof boots in different price ranges, sizes, styles, etc.

What are the best snake boots in 2021?

  1. Lacrosse Men’s Venom Mossy Obsession Snake – Best Protection Snake Boots
  2. Rocky Men’s Lynx Boot Snake – Best Comfortable Snake Boots
  3. Rocky Men’s 16 Inch Hunting Snake Boot – Best Boot for Budget
  4. Thorogood Men’s Boot 17″ Waterproof Boot – Best Durable Boot Over Time
  5. LaCrosse Men’s 4xAlpha 16″ Waterproof Hunting Boot – Good for Muddy Environments
  6. Rocky Men’s Retraction Knee High Boot – Best Air Circulation
  7. Danner Men’s Sharptail 17″ Gore-Tex Waterproof Boot – Best Lightweight Footwear
  8. ForEverlast Snake Guard
  9. Crackshot Men’s Bite Proof Guardz
  10. V-Cheetong Lower Leg

Detailed reviews of 10 best snake boots for hot weather

Snakes love the said places to avoid the sunlight. In case you accidentally disturb their enjoyable time, these reptiles can attack. In this section, we get insight into ten boots:

  • Why they are the best snake boots
  • What to know before purchasing and while using them

#1: Lacrosse Men’s Venom Mossy Obsession Snake – Best Protection Snake Boots

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  • Full-grain leather, mixed with nylon
  • The shaft measures 18 inches high
  • Abrasion-resistant toe cap
  • Side zipper and adjustable-lacing system
  • Best for hunting games in creeping grasses where venomous reptiles often reside
  • One year warranty

LaCrosse, so far, has been one of the most long-standing brands in the hunting and work boots world, particularly when it comes to snake-proof products. Take LaCrosse Men’s Venom Mossy Obsession, for example.

The boot’s protection is excellent with a knee-high design of 18 inches, full-grain leather and nylon materials, and a slide-zipper secure fit.

The boots are made of two materials – full-grain leather and 1,000D nylon.

Such a combination increases the overall comfort because 1,000D nylon is more flexible and breathable. Meanwhile, the leather part is durable enough to prevent bites effectively.

Once you get into the boots, you will find your feet non-resistantly bend, and you can walk naturally.

Most bites happen on the feet or in the calf parts, so wearing tall boots is suggested. Coming to this boots is 18 inches high enough to cover your entire lower legs.

The high shaft is also beneficial if you suddenly get into puddles. No need to worry about water penetrating the boots and consequently, your feet.

Tall boots are helpful to prevent bites. However, you might have struggled to get into them.

The manufacturer of Lacrosse Venom makes it more straightforward with a side zipper combined with a lacing system. Accordingly, you can easily adjust the laces to get firm support or you can spend some space to tuck your pants in!

It is also worth mentioning that the boots adopt Scent Dry Technology, which features a scent-free lining covering the entire body for water-resistance protection.

Additional antimicrobial treatments are also in the technology to reduce odor from sweat created in the heat.

Drawbacks: Smaller sizes and non-durable zipper

Although the snake boots offer various options from small to full sizes, you may want to order a size up because some customers reported that these boots ran smaller than the standard sizes.

Moreover, you will want to be careful with the side zipper. It breaks easily.

  • Durable leather and nylon
  • High shaft for better protection
  • Quick access thanks to side zipper
  • Moisture-wick lining and enhanced toe cap
  • Smaller sizes than expected
  • Breakable side zipper

#2: Rocky Men’s Lynx Boot Snake – Best Comfortable Snake Boots

Rocky Men's Lynx Boot Snake

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  • 100% Cordura nylon fabric and synthetic sole
  • The shaft measures 15 inches from arch
  • Lace-up system with a D-ring hardware
  • Cushioned footbed, toe, and heel protection
  • Best for hiking activities when you need to come across rocked areas for long hours

For those planning to walk in snake boots for quite a long time, you want to choose ones that are both snake proof and comfortable. We introduce the Rocky Men’s Lynx that meets the requirements. This recommendation is lightweight and soft on all terrains.

The entire snake boots are made with Cordura nylon fabric rather than being mixed with leather. This material is lightweight and water-free enough so that you can pound miles over rugged terrains. It is breathable to help you overcome hot weather, as well.

And knowing the fact that nylon fabric is not as good as leather at preventing bikes, the manufacturer improves the overall safety by adding a reinforced heel caps.

Besides the materials, the snake boots are equipped with advanced technologies such as Gore-Tex, Polartec, and Thinsulate to improve waterproof, insulating performance, and side zipper for easy access. As a result, they do not retain too much heat and will reduce sweat for more comfort.

The footbed of Rocky Lynx Boots is made of advanced cushioned polymer that is supposed to absorb shock on the forefoot and heel areas. For your information, those parts often suffer the most stress and weight while you go walking or hiking for a long time.

There is also a thick EVA midsole to improve the overall comfort under your feet.

The aggressive outsole, with a reinforced heel cap

At the same time, the outsole of the snake boots is made of rubber. It has a flat “climbing zone” on the toe to help with technical climbing on the rock. Meanwhile, a cleat-less zone under the arch will give stopping support while going downhill.

Drawbacks: Short shaft and heat-retaining design

We would wish that the shaft can be taller. For now, it is only 15 inches high and might not cover your calf effectively. In that case, you had better put on long trousers for improved protection.

Moreover, some customers complain that the footwear gets hot quickly in North Florida.

  • Lightweight and breathable fabric for maximum comfort
  • Waterproof and insulated design
  • Cushion insole to improve orthopedic support
  • The aggressive outsole, reinforced toe, and heel cap
  • Short shaft measures than standard
  • Getting hot quickly under high temperature

#3: Rocky Men’s 16 Inch Hunting Snake Boot – Best Boot for Budget

Rocky Men's 16 Inch Hunting Snake Boot

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  • 100% Leather and Synthetic
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures of 16-inch knee-high from arch
  • Best for turkey hunting in the spring when the weather is not very hot

Besides Rocky Men’s Lynx, the manufacturer also provides some other snake boots, for example, Rocky Men’s 16 Inch Hunting Boot. Compared to the boot suggestions above, this third option is more affordable, roomier, and with a higher shaft.

An apparent difference between the two Rocky Men’s snake boots is the height of the shaft. Rocky Hunting Boot is 16 inches high, which helps protect your legs better from bites.

Most tall hunting footwear is uncomfortable in the first place. However, it is not the case with the Rocky Snake Proof. It offers a pleasant experience beyond our expectations.

Accordingly, the polyurethane and rubber outsoles are easy to walk in. You will feel high traction and grip performance on almost any surface you land on.

Not only does the boot provide comfort, but it also helps to keep your foot dry.

In that respect, there is a combination of fabrics: the leather coverage on the inside and canvas on the outside.

Both the materials are good at preventing water from seeping into the boots. You can rest assured when walking through marshy and wet areas. The mud or dirt, if any, will hose right off.

Regardless, the boots are not insulated, meaning you will not want to bring them along under a winter temperature. In contrast, you can expect them to be breezy during Florida summer or spring gobbler season. Such a design is suitable for turkey hunting!

All features come at an affordable than the Lynx. The intelligent mixture of the two fabrics and the strategy to create 16-inch snake protection instead of 18 inches. Moreover, there is a cut of the toe box and extra heel support.

Drawbacks: Difficult-to-handle zipper

This Rocky boot only offers a side zipper instead of having a different lacing system like the two options above. It seems to be quicker to put on the snake boots, but you might experience a loose fit around the legs in the end.

Not to mention, the zipper takes time and effort to work out in the beginning. You can even break it when not cautious. Some candle wax should be applied to fix the problem.

  • More affordable than overall hunting snake boots
  • 16-inches of protection
  • Comfortable ProLight BioMech outsole
  • Waterproof and not-insulated design
  • Slow and hard-to-manage zipper
  • No lacing system available

#4: Thorogood Men’s Boot 17″ Waterproof Boot – Best Durable Boot Over Time

Thorogood Men's Boot

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  • Mossy Oak Break Up Country 864-4067
  • Slip-resistant
  • The shaft measures 17.75 inches from arch
  • Boot opening measures 18 inches around
  • Best for heavy-duty hunting on different terrains

Many consumers are concerned about the quality when they know that Thorogood Men’s Snake Boot 1400 comes from a Chinese manufacturer. However, it turns out to be one of the longest-lasting hunting snake boots in the industry.

You can wear them while hunting in slogging and rough terrains where snakes are often around. The durable construction will protect you from even the most powerful fangs.

The Thorogood 1400 Hunting Boot comes with cement construction. All parts bond together with careful craftsmanship, leaving you worry-free for wear and tear for hunting seasons to come.

There is a combination of 100% leather and Cordura nylon. Both are high-quality and lightweight materials built to last and with easy maintenance requirements. Thus, the footwear has the potential to last for years.

The outsole of the Thorogood boot is crafted with slip-resistant and in “Z-Trac” style. Accordingly, there is a gripping pad and rugged lugs to deal with rocky and arid surfaces.

The snake boots are improved in quality thanks to the addition of EVA/polyurethane cushioned midsole. It helps absorb the shock while you are on hard ground.

Mentioning the comfort, the Thorogood also features a removable insole so that you can adjust the insole construction to maximize performance.

The side zipper has both pros and cons.

It allows you to put on or take off the snake boots quickly. This zipper comes up and down more easily than that of the Rocky boots above. Even better, the manufacturer provides a warranty to replace the zipper for one month.

On the other hand, the lack of laces or back gusset means a little loose fitting below your knees or around the calves.

Drawbacks: Expensive and size issue

With durable construction, we do not expect the shoe to be cheap. The Thorogood Men’s Boot 1400 is of the top three of the most expensive products in 2021.

When purchasing, you should contact the manufacturer to consult the size. Normally, you should order a half size bigger!

  • Quality made of premium materials
  • Serious traction capabilities with a rubber outsole
  • Shock-absorbed cushioned midsole
  • Effortless to get on and off with side zipper
  • One-month guarantee to replace the zipper
  • High price
  • Size issue

#5: LaCrosse Men’s 4x Alpha 16″ Waterproof Hunting Boot – Good for Muddy Environments

LaCrosse Men's 4x Alpha

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  • Hand-laid premium rubber that is flexible and waterproof
  • Shaft measures 14.5 inches from arch
  • Platform measures of 1.0 inches
  • Opening measures of 16 inches around
  • Best for hunting in extraordinarily muddy and wet conditions

Keep reading the Lacrosse Men’s 4x Alpha 16″ review, and you may comprehend why it is a hunting boot option that offers dependable and comfortable performance.

Its selling point is the 4xBurly durable outsole, along with lugged rubber and 90-degree heel to keep off dirt and muck immediately while remaining a lightweight wearing experience under your feet.

The complete rubber design is the most noticeable feature of the 4x Alpha 16″ Boot, making it well-worth being ranked in this best snake boots review.

Specifically, the boot is made by hand and with the premium rubber laid over the neoprene core. Together, these product creates comprehensive coverage above your feet and around the calves to prevent fangs from penetrating and hurting you.

Meanwhile, the angled lugs will help shed the muck away and keep your feet from being weighed down in any situation.

Wearing these snake boots is relaxing since there are four layers of Quad-core cushioning technology at the key locations: on the toe guard and instep. These places often suffer from the most stress while you walk for so long or on rough terrains.

As you can expect from a snake shoe to put on in muddy hunting ground, the 4x Alpha adopts a waterproofing system. It includes moisture-wicking and quick-drying components to ensure a comfortable dry inside the boot.

You will also like that the ankle area is contoured so that your feet will naturally bend for movement.

There is also a strap and a back gusset to secure the heel while adjusting the overall fit for better comfort. There is also a multilayer rubber on the toe for added protection. You will be safe from slipping out all the time.

Drawbacks: Short Shaft and Hard-to-wear design

Although the manufacturer confirms that the boot is 16 inches high, we find the shaft adds up to only around 14.5 inches from the arch. A shorter boot means less protection for your calf, though.

The pull-on/pull-off style is another down-star factor. Although it helps avoid water penetration or venom, the snug fit can cause blisters. Our advice is to purchase one size bigger than your true size.

  • High-grade premium rubber with angled lugs
  • Quad-core comfortable cushioning sole
  • Water-wicking and quick-drying liner
  • The flexible contoured ankle area
  • Short shaft
  • Hard-to-wear design

#6: Rocky Men’s Retraction Knee High Boot – Best Air Circulation

Rocky Men's Retraction Knee

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  • 100% synthetic and rubber sole
  • The shaft measures 16 inches from arch
  • Platform measures of 1 inch
  • Made in the Dominion Republic
  • Best for hunting in scorching areas in North American thanks to the lightweight and circulative design

We cannot get enough of Rocky snake boot, thinking of their balance at performance. And this time, we will introduce another version – the Rocky Men’s Retraction Knee High.

The quality of this boot is between the Lynx and the 16-inch snake proof boot, meaning that you can expect it to keep you safe, dry, and comfortable from common venomous snakes. However, the boot might not be durable enough to cope with extra-strong fangs.

The Realtree Xtra camouflage boot is under the latest line of Realtree camo products of Rocky – designed to take on even the harshest weather and roughest terrains.

Accordingly, some parts are covered with full-grain leather to prevent sharp items from penetrating in, including the fangs. The material is also soft and comfortable under the feet.

Other parts, however, are made of 900D nylon. It is not as durable as 1,000D nylon found on Venom Mossy Boots, yet it is still very stable and trustworthy.

The combination of materials ensures that the snake boot is lightweight and comfortable. Even more, there is a moisture-wicking lining to increase air circulation inside out and keep your feet dry quickly.

It is a patented technology of Rocky footwear. The Energybed memory foam footbed will automatically comfort your foot shape and provide a cushion for every inch of your foot.

Drawbacks: Problematic zipper and size matter

Similar to the Rocky 16-inch Boot, this option also has a problem with the side zipper. It can introduce water to leak in and cause discomfort. Even worse, the zipper often breaks down after several months.

The size is another drawback. We advise you to buy a little bigger size to avoid an annoying snug fit.

  • Affordable with a good quality
  • Full-grain Leather and 900 Denier nylon
  • Moisture-wicking and circulative lining
  • Energybed memory-foam footbed
  • Not true to size
  • Not durable zippers that cause slight water leakage

#7: Danner Men’s Sharptail 17″ Gore-Tex Waterproof Boot – Best Lightweight Footwear

Danner Men's Sharptail

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  • 100% Full-Grain and nylon, with rubber sole
  • The shaft measures 16 inches from arch
  • Opening measures 19 inches around
  • Gore-Tex liner supplying water-resistance
  • Best for hunting upland where you have to pass through steep and rocky surfaces

Danner Men’s Sharptail Gore-Tex is a premium alternative to the Rocky Men’s Retraction Knee High because it is also made of leather and 900D nylon.

However, some improvements in the overall style make the Danner more lightweight and comfortable to wear for hours.

This boot is also made of leather and nylon. Nonetheless, the material is treated to be lighter without sacrificing durability. There is even a 360° snake proof protection and rear gusset with rugged hardware.

As a result, you have both protection and a comfortable cement snake boot that will secure you from being bitten and get poisoned.

Gore-Tex is no longer a newcomer to the hunting footwear industry. This fabric is supposed to be water-free, durable, tear-resistant, and contribute to reducing overall weight.

Also, the cushioning open-cell OrthoLite footbed offers better comfort!

While some customers complained that the side zipper allows water to let in, Danner decides to replace such a zipper with a new “lock and load” lacing system.

It takes more time to get in the shoe, but you can adjust the fit and prevent water from going in to make it up for.

Drawbacks: Expensive pair of boots and small sizes

Good as they are, the Danner boots are the most expensive on the list. If you just plan to go hunting in hot weather several times a year, you can consider some cheaper alternatives above.

In addition, it would be better to buy the shoe half size larger since Danner Men’s Sharptail 17″ Gore-Tex has smaller sizes than the standards.

  • Full-grain and 900 Denier nylon
  • Lightweight construction thanks to the mix of materials
  • Waterproof and well-breathable GORE-TEX lining
  • Lock and load lacing system instead of side zipper
  • Half-size larger recommended
  • Hard to get in and get out of the boots

Other Choices

#8: ForEverlast Snake Guard

ForEverlast Snake Guard

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Adding extra protection while going to places that snakes often occur is recommended. Thus, you can purchase these lightweight shields designed to fit on chunky snake-proof boots or over pants.
You can clip or buckle them to fit different body parts because the material is very elastic.

We also prefer that the guard comes in a brown camouflage that will easily blend in brush or forest.

#9: Crackshot Men’s Bite Proof Guardz Gaiters

Crackshot Men's Bite

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With its big design to cover from your foot to knee, the Crack Shot Guardz is an affordable and convenient alternative while you do not want to bring your snake boot out or when you do not want to spend so much for a pair of boots.

The guards are made in cotton, nylon, or polyester, each of which has different durability and price. However, whatever you choose in the end, they are all coated with a waterproof layer.

Besides, the Crack Shot Guardz is easy to customize according to your legs’ size.

#10: V-Cheetong Gaiters Lower Leg

V-Cheetong Gaiters Lower Leg

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“Cheap” and “easy to fit” are the two common phrases to describe this V-Cheetong Gaiters Lower Leg.

However, the plastic panels inside this gaiter are rather thin compared to the ForEverlast and Crackshot. Thus, we only recommend using this outer of the snake boots to provide extra security. Otherwise, that gaiter cannot deal with strong fangs.

How to choose the best snake boots to wear in warm weather?

Knowing before buying is important to spend your money on the right stuff. Here comes some useful advice to take notes when it comes to the best snake-proof boots!

Materials: How Strong & Breathable They Are!

Most heavy-duty snake boots are made of leather or quality rubber to prevent fangs from penetrating our skin. However, it does not always mean that thicker material is better because your feet still need to be breathable.

On a hot day, sweaty feet will be smelly and uncomfortable. Even worse, you might suffer from mold growth and pathogenic bacteria.

Rubber boots are not as durable as leather. The thickness might compensate for such a weakness, though. However, thick rubber also means being less breathable and comfortable in hot weather.

Meanwhile, quality leather is snake-proof. It is also more relaxing to wear and breathable with soft human-made uppers. The main drawback is that leather material should be treated with care to maintain against water, tears, and wear.

Sometimes, manufacturers will combine several fabrics such as rubber, leather, and assorted synthetics to make the boots more affordable.

Waterproof design is another must

Showers are common in hot weather. Otherwise, you might come across puddles or plashes along your way. A pair of water-resistant boots is the best to prevent your feet from being soaked. It has better longevity than a non-waterproof pair, as well.

More importantly, those boots protect you from venom seeping through and contacting your open wounds.

You can determine whether the boots are free of water or not by checking the description and certification. Usually, the boots are made from water-resistant leather or with Gore-Tex membranes.

A small note is that the boots often do not let the moisture out, even if they confirm that they are completely breathable. The longer you put on the boots, the hotter and wetter you should be ready to feel in the feet.

The solution is to get removable insoles so that the sweat is absorbed quickly and exchange new ones.

Boots’ sizes: Fit and High Enough?

For whatever reason you are choosing footwear, a comfortable fit is a priority. It would be helpful to go for slightly bigger boots than your true size so that you can add insoles or cushions for extra support and comfort.

Plus, pay attention to the height and size of boots because a snake bite often happens between your foot and the knee. However, tall boots are normally heavier and harder to put on.

We suggest 16-to 18-inch high boots as the best choices because they can cover your lower legs. They are still easy to move around with.

Other factors: Styles, Arch Support, Safety Toes, etc.

Above are several main concerns about snake-proof boots. Other than that, you want to take standard features of boots into accounts – according to your purpose.

  • Styles: You can choose contemporary hiker boots, traditional moc-toe styles, or ironworker footwear.
  • Strong support: Snake boot support comes from their design, insoles, and outsoles, etc., to prevent biomechanical issues or foot pain.
  • Safety toe: Supposing that you are working on job sites or hazardous environments, having snake boots with steel or composite toe protection is vital.


Some additional questions and answers here are also helpful so that you can choose the best snake boots for warm weather.

1. Can a snake bite through rubber boots?

Yes, snakes with extra-strong fangs can bite through even the most sturdy boots.

Our advice is to research the areas you plan to use the boots on as much as possible. What snakes are often found in those places? Then, you can get prepared boots and accessories with a very thick material.

2. Can snake fangs go through leather?

Can snake fangs go through leather

Although leather is more durable than rubber, some fangs can still penetrate that material like a rattlesnake.


  • Wear loose-fitting trousers that extend well below the top of the boots
  • Canvas or heavy denim is a good choice in this situation, the main thing is that you don’t want it close to your skin (snake bite will be through the fabric and an inch or two of “dead air” before its fangs hit the skin).

3. Do snake-proof footwear work?

Boots can ensure foot protection from contact with the poisonous fangs even when they cannot prevent bites. Snakes do not care whether they bite your skin or the boots’ skin.

4. Do cowboy boots protect from snake bites?

Do cowboy boots protect from snake bites?

No, unfortunately, cowboy boots are often not thick enough to deter a bite on the snake (the top and side of the foot area)

They are also not as tall as snake boots. Now, most snake bites happen in the calf area. If a rattlesnake bites straight on, attacking the shaft of your cowboy boot, it will certainly penetrate the leather.

Wrapping Up

We have done the best snake boots reviews and some alternatives. We hope that you can choose one or two products for your very next hunting trails.

For your reference, our top pick of all is LaCrosse Men’s Venom Mossy Obsession. These boots are made of durable leather and premium 1,000D nylon, so their quality is a no-brainer. Not to mention, the height size is up to 18 inches – enough to cover and protect from your foot to the knee.

What about your decision? What are the best snake boots for hot weather you wish to choose?

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