Crispi Hunting Boots vs. Kenetrek

Hunters searching for a reliable and quality pair of hunting boots have no shortage of options. Two brands stand out from the rest: Crispi and Kenetrek. Both provide excellent performance in all terrains and weather conditions. So, how do the two compare?

In this article, we’ll compare the two brands and help you decide which one is best for your needs.

Crispi Hunting Boots vs. Kenetrek

Brand Histories and Legacies

Crispi Hunting Boots

Crispi, a leading name in the hunting boot industry, has its origins in Italy. Founded by Gigi Crispi in 1975, the company initially focused on traditional mountaineering and outdoor footwear. Inspired by Italy’s rich leather craftsmanship, Crispi has become a sought-after brand for hunters in search of premium-quality boots.

Over the years, Crispi has embraced technology to enhance its hunting boot offerings. The brand has integrated features like the Ankle Bone Support System (ABSS) for stability, BOA lacing systems for quick adjustments, and the Crispi Crossbow Frame (CCF) for improved support and energy transfer. This evolution showcases Crispi’s dedication to providing innovative solutions that enhance hunting experiences.


Kenetrek’s story began in Montana, USA when founder Jim Winjum aimed to create boots for rugged terrains and harsh conditions of mountain hunting. Established in 2002, Kenetrek gained recognition for producing footwear that withstood high-altitude hunts, steep slopes, and unpredictable weather.

Kenetrek’s reputation for boots excelling in extreme conditions was built through real-world testing and user testimonials. Hunters rely on Kenetrek boots for durability, waterproofing, and overall performance in high-alpine environments. The brand’s commitment to meeting the demands of the most challenging hunting scenarios solidified its standing in the hunting community.

Technological Advancements and Innovations


Crispi has introduced proprietary technologies to enhance the functionality and performance of their hunting boots. The Ankle Bone Support System (ABSS) offers unique lateral support, preventing ankle rolls while maintaining flexibility. The BOA lacing system provides precise pressure distribution with a simple dial, ensuring a snug fit. The Crispi Crossbow Frame (CCF) integrates a rigid frame into the midsole for stability and energy transfer, reducing fatigue. Crispi strategically places cushioning to reduce impact and fatigue, while breathable and waterproof membranes keep feet dry. Vibram outsoles enhance traction and grip across diverse terrains.


Kenetrek’s emphasis on sole design and traction is evident in their boots built for challenging terrains. The brand designs rugged, deep-tread soles that provide exceptional grip on various surfaces, including loose rocks, mud, and snow. Kenetrek’s advanced lug patterns and rubber compounds are tailored to specific hunting environments, ensuring stability and confidence for hunters traversing uneven landscapes.

Kenetrek addresses the demands of cold and wet conditions through advanced insulation and waterproofing technologies. Thinsulate and other insulating materials are strategically placed to retain warmth without compromising on boot weight. Meanwhile, waterproof membranes like GORE-TEX® prevent moisture penetration while allowing breathability, a crucial feature for maintaining comfort during extended hunts.

Boot Design and Specializations

Crispi’s Diverse Lineup

Crispi is known for its expansive range of versatile boot designs. The brand offers numerous choices that cater to varying hunting scenarios, from upland game hunts to big game and waterfowl trips. Thanks to impressive features like the ABSS, CCF, BOA lacing system, and Vibram soles, Crispi boots provide superior protection and stability for a wide array of hunting activities.

User feedback and expert opinions on Crispi’s designs are overwhelmingly positive. Hunters can find a boot that meets their specific needs while benefiting from the comfort, waterproofing, and breathability provided by Crispi technology.

Kenetrek’s Mountain-Focused Approach

Kenetrek specializes in boots for mountainous terrains. The brand’s extensive lineup of mountain-focused footwear includes boots designed specifically for navigating steep slopes and rocky landscapes. With Kenetrek, hunters can take advantage of features like advanced insulation, waterproofing, and gripping soles that assist with stability on rugged terrain.

Hunters who have used Kenetrek boots for mountain hunts report excellent performance across a variety of terrains. Many have noted improved comfort and flexibility as they traverse the mountainous terrain, providing confidence in their ability to reach their destination with ease.

Comfort and Fit

Crispi’s Ergonomic Considerations

Crispi emphasizes anatomical fit and support in all of their boot designs. The brand has made comfort a priority, with features like cushioning, adjustable lacing, and padded collars offering extended comfort during long hunts. The ergonomic design of Crispi boots ensures that the shoes don’t cause foot fatigue or pain after extended use.

Hunters who have worn Crispi boots praised the comfort and support of their footwear. Many report that the ergonomic design provides superior control when navigating uneven terrain, reducing foot fatigue over time.

Kenetrek’s Focus on Support

Kenetrek puts a significant emphasis on ankle support and stability in their boot designs. The brand has implemented arch support technology to reduce impact on the foot, as well as lacing systems for improved fit and comfort. Kenetrek even offers boots tailored for use by hunters with orthotics or other podiatric needs.

User experiences with Kenetrek footwear highlight the comfort and support offered by this brand. Many attest that the boots provided superior stability while navigating steep slopes or rugged terrain, allowing them to feel secure while on their hunt. Additionally, the breathability and waterproofing features keep feet dry and comfortable even when conditions are harsh.


Crispi’s Waterproof Construction

Crispi boots are designed with a focus on waterproof construction. The brand integrates advanced membranes like GORE-TEX® into their designs, helping keep moisture out and preventing the build-up of bacteria. Additionally, the unique ABSS sole design provides superior durability and traction while maintaining a lightweight profile.

Kenetrek’s Durable Materials

Kenetrek focuses on using high-quality, durable materials in their boot designs. The brand utilizes leathers that are specifically chosen for performance, as well as Vibram® soles designed to improve traction and durability. Additionally, the waterproofing membranes and insulation technologies help keep footwear resilient against moisture while providing comfort in cold weather.

Performance in Various Conditions

Crispi’s Performance in Diverse Environments

Crispi boots have been tested by hunters in a variety of environments, with favorable results. The combination of waterproofing and insulation technology keeps feet dry while providing ample warmth in cold conditions. Crispi also offers superior traction and grip performance across different terrains, helping hunters stay stable on uneven surfaces. Additionally, the boots contribute to overall hunting success by providing comfort and protection throughout long hunts.

Kenetrek’s Success on Rugged Terrain

Kenetrek has earned a reputation for excellence in challenging conditions. The brand’s boots are highly praised for their waterproofing and insulation efficiency, even in wet and cold environments. Hunters also report remarkable durability when trekking across difficult terrain, with many stories of Kenetrek’s boots excelling in the harshest conditions. Expert evaluations also suggest that Kenetrek boots provide superior performance during demanding hunts.

Quality of Materials Used

Both Crispi and Kenetrek use only the highest quality materials in their boots, ensuring a second-to-none performance in various conditions. Both brands offer heavy-duty rubber outsoles for superior grip and traction, as well as advanced insulation and waterproofing technologies to keep feet warm and dry. Each boot is designed with thoughtful craftsmanship and strict attention to detail, ensuring long-lasting durability in the most challenging environments.

When it comes to boots for hunting, Crispi and Kenetrek offer a range of choices that can meet any hunter’s needs. From lightweight and versatile designs to heavy-duty mountain-focused boots, both brands have options that can help you stay comfortable while hunting in any terrain. So no matter what type of hunt you’re embarking on, Crispi and Kenetrek are trusted choices for top-quality footwear.

Price Comparison

Both Crispi and Kenetrek offer a range of prices for their boots, allowing hunters to find options that fit within their budget. Crispi’s designs tend to be on the more expensive side, while Kenetrek offers mid-range and affordable choices as well. That said, both brands provide excellent value for money in terms of performance and comfort – meaning even the pricier models may be worth investing in. Ultimately, the choice between Crispi and Kenetrek comes down to your personal preference and budget constraints.

Bottom Line

When deciding between Crispi and Kenetrek boots for hunting, it’s important to consider the terrain you’ll be traversing and your budget. Both brands offer exceptional performance in diverse environments, providing comfort and durability that will prove invaluable during your next hunting expedition. If you’re an upland or big game hunter, Crispi offers a wide array of boot designs tailored to various hunting scenarios. On the other hand, if you’re a mountain hunter, Kenetrek specializes in boots with advanced designs and technologies that deliver superior insulation, waterproofing, and traction for challenging terrains. Choose wisely and elevate your hunting experience to new heights!


What are the benefits of Crispi boots?

Crispi boots offer superior comfort and support, with ergonomic design features that provide better control when navigating uneven terrain. Additionally, Crispi boots come with waterproofing technology and insulation layers to keep feet warm and dry in all conditions.

When should I choose Kenetrek over Crispi?

Kenetrek specializes in boots designed for rugged terrains and cold weather. If you’re a mountain hunter looking to tackle difficult trails, Kenetrek is the ideal choice for superior traction and insulation. The brand’s waterproofing technology helps ensure dryness and comfort even during long hunts in harsh conditions. You should also consider the budget – if you’re on a tighter budget, Kenetrek may be the better choice.

Do Crispi and Kenetrek boots come in different sizes?

Yes, both brands offer a range of sizes for their boots. Additionally, select models from each brand feature adjustable lacing systems that provide additional support and comfort to accommodate wider or narrower foot shapes.

Are Crispi or Kenetrek boots good for bow hunting?

Both brands offer lightweight and comfortable designs that are ideal for bow hunting. With superior traction and insulation, you can stay quiet and stable while stalking game in any terrain. Crispi also offers special models specifically designed for bow hunters that feature additional benefits like shock absorption and excellent grip performance.

What are the best Crispi and Kenetrek boots for wet weather?

For wet conditions, both brands offer waterproofing technology that will keep your feet dry. Crispi’s Gore-Tex® membranes provide superior protection from water and humidity, while Kenetrek’s proprietary Dry-Core™ lining is engineered to keep feet warm even in cold environments Diverse Environments. Both brands also offer insulated designs that can provide extra warmth in wet weather conditions.

Are Crispi or Kenetrek boots suitable for backpacking?

Yes, both brands offer lightweight and durable designs that are perfect for long-distance hikes. Crispi’s mid-weight models are designed to provide superior cushioning and support, making them ideal for long-distance backpacking. Kenetrek also offers a mid-weight range of boots that provide excellent traction and waterproofing, making them ideal for tackling wet or slippery trails.

Does Crispi or Kenetrek offer good arch support?

Both brands employ ergonomic design features to ensure superior arch support and comfort during long hunts. Crispi boots feature a unique Anatomic Footbed that provides superior arch support and cushioning, while Kenetrek’s Advanced Fit System is designed to provide custom foot support for any type of terrain.

What are the best Crispi and Kenetrek boots for cold weather?

When it comes to cold-weather hunting, both brands offer exceptional insulation and warmth. Crispi’s boots feature Thinsulate™ insulation, which provides long-lasting protection against freezing temperatures. Kenetrek also offers an advanced Dry-Core™ lining that is designed to keep feet warm in cold climates. Additionally, both brands offer waterproofing technologies so your feet stay dry no matter the weather conditions.

What are the best Crispi and Kenetrek boots for mountain terrain?

If you’re looking for superior traction when hunting in the mountains, both brands offer a range of boot designs that will help you stay steady on challenging trails. Crispi’s MTN Tech series of boots feature Vibram® soles and high-quality leather uppers for better grip performance, while Kenetrek’s Mountain Extreme models offer a combination of Kevlar® and leather that provides superior durability and protection. Both brands also offer insulated designs that will keep feet warm in any terrain.

Are Crispi or Kenetrek boots good for all-day hunts?

Yes, both brands offer comfortable and lightweight designs that are perfect for long days in the field. Crispi’s boots feature a combination of cushioning and support technologies that provide superior comfort when walking for hours on end, while Kenetrek models use ergonomic designs to ensure maximum stability and traction.


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